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Musicians, Community Tables and Others at Market

Community Groups, Non-Profits, Political Candidates, Musicians, and Performers may request a space at market. All spaces are first come first serve. Please see the guidelines for how to register to attend market as a visiting group or entertainer.  

A few Tips to make the Registration easier:

  1. Click on $25.00 fee button (you will not be charged)
  2. In all fields that do not apply put an N/A
  3. Choose Non Profit Materials when asked to choose a product
  4. Choose dates you wish to table
  5. Write Down your Log in and Password – you will need this to edit date requests in the future
  6. Once you have registered we will be notified by email and will respond by email with instructions on how to locate your spot on market and rules that apply
  7. If you have questions or any issues with your application Contact Julia Den Herder 479.236.2910 |

Market rules allow organizations, which are complimentary to the mission and goals of the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market to host a table promoting their group once per year. Organizations may request a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday market day. All requests will be confirmed as space is available and as market events allow.

Organizations may sell tickets for their fund-raising efforts based on market manager approval, and some items you may offer for donation based on market manager approval but no sales are to occur (bake sales are strictly prohibited, balloons are not permitted, and sales of any items other than tickets to events are prohibited). Organizations may distribute information about their programs or events scheduled through their organization, and must be approved by a market manager. Therefore, we ask that you prepare far enough in advance to submit your application and allow a 2-week advance notice for market approval.

Canopies and EZ Up tent structures are not allowed. Organizations can bring a 4-ft. table and an umbrella. The Market cannot provide these items. Please arrive on-site no later than 8 a.m., and check in at the Manager’s booth which is located on the corner of Mountain and Block Street on Saturdays, and in front of the Old Post Office building on weekdays. A market manager will direct you to your location for set-up.

No fee or commission will be charged; however, organizations are required to be a non-profit group and are asked to promote the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market on social media, your website etc., prior to tabling at market.

Spaces are limited and must be scheduled in advance. To submit a request please Register Here.

The Market is a wonderful place for musicians and we are happy to assist in locating the best spaces for you to play. We do however have limited spots available so you must be scheduled in advance. We will direct you to the places allocated for musicians and performers to ensure proper flow of foot traffic. Market Management reserves the right to ask you to move if you are impeding traffic flow or vendor commerce. Additionally, by order of city ordinance, no amplification is allowed on the square during market days and hours. Remember, the Market’s primary goal is to connect our vendors with their customers. We appreciate the atmosphere musicians and entertainers provide, and we ask that you help us to maintain the priority of market which is to build customer  and vendor relationships.

You may perform for tips and should have a sign that clearly states that CDs and merchandise are available by donation only

Due to the numerous requests for musicians and entertainers we may ask you to rotate to provide the opportunity for other musicians. 

Musician spaces are allocated in 2 hour slots on each corner. Spaces can be found on our market map. Musician spaces are notated M1 – M3.

Register to Play at Market

During Saturday markets, there are 12 spaces (T1-T12) on the square allocated to candidates and non profits for tabling.  There is a map here which shows the relative location of the spaces.  All tabling spaces are in the pedestrian flow of market customers.  Each space will allow for up to 6 feet of tabling space with some space to separate each table. Table and chairs must be provided and moved into the spaces by the candidates.

Spaces will be reserved on a first come, first served basis through our  Online Registration

Tabling Rules at Saturday Market

Candidates are responsible for making sure their volunteers know all these rules:

  • Candidates are requested to check in at 7:30 am or later.  Start and end times are up to the candidate, but ALL candidates must be completely off the square by the end of market at 2 pm.
  • All candidates and volunteers must park their vehicles in Town Center parking garage which is free on Saturdays. Please DO NOT park on streets within one block of the square.  This keeps parking spots circulating during the market and available for customers.
  • No tents or canopies are permitted in any candidate tabling space.
  • A small umbrella is permissible if it does not interfere with the adjoining spaces.
  • Signs are permitted only in the immediate area around the candidate’s table.  Signs may not be posted in planters, along sidewalks, etc. and they must be removed at the end of market.
  • For sustainability reasons, candidates are encouraged to think carefully about literature or other free items that can become litter or cause other problems.
  • Before leaving the square, all candidates are asked to walk one circuit of the square and pick up any discarded materials related to their own campaign.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding